Humble beginnings. 

Sten Isak Havumaki's Swedish family immigrated from Finland to the Chair City (Gardner, Massachusetts). His father became a pastor and moved his bride to Southern Connecticut. Sten grew up playing in his parents' basement workshop, building rifles to take with him on living history reenactments and carving birds to sell at weekend craft shows. After working for a cabinet shop he moved to Boston to enroll in the highly acclaimed furniture program at North Bennet Street School. A few years after graduation he danced with a girl from Maine at a bluegrass festival in New York. Sten proposed and moved his shop up to Biddeford. He and his wife (a musician) sing their son to sleep. Sten credits the two of them as his major achievements. 


High and Lonesome

Sten sings and plays bluegrass on his guitar, often with his wife Lauren on fiddle and sometimes with the Yale-based band known as The Professors of Bluegrass.






Learn to Play the Fiddle

Yale President plays the Bass



A Family Man.


He's a conversationalist. Go ahead.